About Us

As a Pro-life Animal Rescue Organisation, the objective is to rescue, and support animals in distress by involving different role players in the Community and to rehabilitate animals, with the intention of re-homing them at a suitable permanent home. 

Jade Lee Ashford is the founder of a dog and puppy rescue called Paw Prints Rescue and Rehoming a registered non-profit organisation, with the overall objective to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome, adult dogs and puppies that have been abandoned, abused, orphaned or are unwanted, and that would otherwise have miserable lives and premature deaths. 

Since 2015, Jade has rehomed over 6000 pups and dogs, including those from networking and sharing other dogs in need of homes due to their owners immigrating, divorce, down-sizing or no longer in a financial position to be able to care for their dogs.

Most of the dogs are rescued from bad conditions and arrive in poor health and require medical attention on arrival, with treatments like a check-up, tests for viruses, deworming, vaccinations, bad tummies, and medicines making vet bills the organisations biggest expense.  All pups are vaccinated at six (6) weeks and continue to receive their vaccinations during their stay at Paw Prints Rescue and Rehoming, until they are homed.  The older dogs are also sterilized and vaccinated before being homed.  In fact, part of the adoption agreement is to fulfil certain conditions – one being to have any adoption sterilised at the age-appropriate time, in an effort to contain the birth of unwanted puppies and the huge population problem that is faced in South Africa.

In 2021 Jade purchased a small holding in Bothas Hill where she opened a Puppy Adoption Centre by converting the double garage into two large puppy areas – a fully enclosed under cover area, as well as their own garden to lay or play in the sun. 

Due to the ever-growing cases of puppies and dogs that are in desperate need of assistance in South Africa, Paw Prints will be growing their operations in the next few years, starting 2022, to be able to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome more, in crises dogs and puppies. 

This includes building more kennels, a walking trail through the beautiful bush on the property for the dogs, a play park for the long stay dogs that are taking longer to get homes (to reduce kennel stress), and a small dam for the dogs to swim and have a different form of activity.     

The expansion will include a Quarantine area where sick pups can be isolated until healthy enough to join the shelter and be put up for adoption. PPRR will also be adding a Nursery for unwanted / stray pregnant mommy dogs; or moms and their young babies.

The Company’s Main Objectives are

  • To work with the public to care for and provide shelter to stray, abandoned and abused dogs and pups.
  • To provide the highest level of care to every dog and pup who enters our programs with immediate veterinary treatment to the sick or injured.
  • To match adoptable dogs and pups with loving families who will provide them with care and attention for the rest of their natural lives.
  • To promote and educate on the importance of sterilising your dog to reduce the ever-increasing animal population, diminish kill shelters, irradicate euthanisation, reduce the homeless epidemic and to ensure that no future generations are exposed to cruelty and suffering.
  • To promote the use of Micro-chipping.
  • To promote humane treatment, compassion, and respect for all dogs.
  • To help create a kinder future for animals by teaching students about animal welfare, responsible pet ownership and the benefits of owning a dog, reducing the need for intervention and protect the welfare of thousands of animals in the future.
  • To educate on dog behaviour and bite prevention for both children and adults as an essential extension of rabies vaccination programmes that can decrease both the incidence of human rabies and the financial burden of treating dog bites.