April 2024 News Letter

Mutt Motel

We do long term boarding.
Lexi arrived on the 28th of May 2023.
This beautiful girl left us on the 15th of April 2024 to join her family in New Zealand.
We miss her so much, but we so happy she’s back with her humans.
Thank you Vet On Main for doing all the paper work and helping us get Lexi to her new home.
Pam and Brian left their beautiful girl Georgie with us for 10 days.
We loved caring her this sweet bull terrier.
She went home today, all tucked up in bed, with her humans.
What a beautiful fur baby.

Amazing Raffles

Our vet bills are sitting at R90 000.
PLEASE PLEASE take a ticket or two to win one of these amazing raffles and help us pay off our bills.
Two phenomenal prizes up for grabs from two of our incredible supporters.
We would be so grateful for the support. All info on original poster.

Section 18A Tax Certificate

By claiming your donation on your tax return using this certificate, you can potentially reduce your taxable income, making your generosity even more impactful!  You can help us, AND we can help you.

The DogGuru KZN

“I teach people how to understand their dogs, look after their dogs and learn how to communicate with their dogs” If you adopt a puppy from us, you get one free course. Contact Mandy for more info. 084 397 2550

Thank You For Taking The Time To Listen

For those who have asked for banking details please see below
Banking details:
Account No. 63018788779
Branch No. 220526
Ref: Name
Vet On Main
Nedbank South Africa
Current Acc
Account: 1261831306
Ref: Paw Prints
Pulse Vet Welfare
First National Bank Cheque Account
Account no.: 62784626445
Branch: Hillcrest: 250655/ 254005
Hillcrest Vet Hospital
Standard Bank
Account No.: 250828030
Branch: 045726
Ref: 45772/Paw Prints

Advertising Space

We have so many visitors and they will all see your advertising board.
We have advertising space available all over the shelter, and by putting up a board, you are helping us take care of over 100 rescue pups and dogs.
Drop me a WhatsApp to find out more
082 210 4235 or email talktous@pawprints.org.za

Can You Please Help Us?

Muddy Dog Kloof

Muddy Dog is based in Kloof, they have everything your pet needs and wants.
A huge thank you for the wonderful donations and our Beautiful warm blankets (SJ ❤️) who were left with you for us to collect.
Thank you so much.
Next time we promise we will bring puppies for cuddles.
Please pop in and visit Muddy Dog, your furry friend will thank you.
11 Old Main Road, Kloof KZN

A Few of Our Amazing Volunteers

Thank you so much to all of you amazing students for coming to help us, from cleaning to bathing puppies, helping in our laundry room, helping in our little charity shop and even running up and down helping us microchip our babies. We so grateful, we hope you had fun and we see you again soon.


Thank You CMH Nissan

We are so grateful to Sunil the service manager from CMH Nissan Hillcrest for assisting us with a very over due service on our trusty doggy van. 🐾 🐾
We so happy, and this really means so much to us, we always on the road and we cannot survive without our PPRR car.
Thank you so much for keeping us and our precious passengers safe on the roads.
You are amazing! Sunil, bless you and the team at CMH Nissan for helping us


Pickle 4 Paws

We had so much fun and we absolutely LOVE Pickleball Africa, what an amazing day! Thank you so much for all your support snd kindness. Definitely a team building event for everyone. Thank you Tate, Nolan & Knight for inviting us, you are ALL amazing!

Adopt One Of Our Babies

Please don’t let them grow up in a shelter 🙏
PLEASE ADOPT ONE OF OUR BABIES, just some of our beautiful dogs looking for families.
We are open everyday 9 to 12 for adoptions (closed Monday)
4 Clement Road, Bothas Hill KZN

Royal Canin Puppy Mousse

If you are able to donate or even send us some Royal Canin Starter Mousse for the 15 pups we would be most grateful ❤️
You can order from Takealot or various other pet stores and they will deliver straight to us. Or you are welcome to pop in and get some cuddles while you are here 😇
4 Clement Stott Road, Bothas Hill, KZN
Open Tuesday to Sunday 9-12
Banking details:
Account No. 63018788779
Branch No. 220526
Ref: Name/mousse

Alverstone Manor

We had so much fun yesterday at Alverstone Manor
What an incredible and beautiful place. The smiles and happy faces, just fill our hearts with so much joy and we absolutely love our old folk, they gentle and incredible humans with such big hearts.
Thank you so much Trish for having us, we will most definitely be back to visit.
Did you know that Paw Prints Rescue and Rehoming is now a MySchool beneficiary?
This is one of the easiest ways to support us, simply go online and PLEASE add Paw Prints Rescue and Rehoming as one of your beneficiaries.
It takes less than two minutes to do, and won’t cost you a cent.


April 2024 News Letter

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