April Newsletter 2023

Mommy dog Gina has found a family

If you have been following the story about our beautiful Mommy Gina with her biggest litter on record here at Paw Prints Rescue and Rehoming, we have some wonderful news to share with you, she has been adopted! She’s so happy and as you can see, she’s got lots of friends to play with. Adopted by Denise and Peter & family

Frankie and Roxy

Remember Frankie and Roxy, they were both so sick and spent weeks at the vet, we were told to prepare for the worse as it was touch and go for Roxy. Look at them now, they such happy beautiful dogs!  So glad that we could help them. They very special.

Polyoak Packaging

Polyoak Packaging came and spent some time with us, spending time with the pups and assisting with maintenance of the cabins – we are so grateful to them for their ongoing support.


How you can help us…. www.pawprints.org.za, check out our page, under the volunteer tab. You can choose what you want to do to help us (Community Service).

First Aid Demonstration

We would like to thank Charnell Ruth, if you don’t know who this amazing lady is, she’s

Husky Rescue KZN

She spent the day with us yesterday giving first aid training to our team.


Casanet Trading and Dot Graphics

We would like to extend our utmost gratitude to Lalit Varyani and Sheetal Varyani, from Casanet Trading and Dot Graphics who blessed us with an incredible donation, enabling us to complete our Teenager and Moms & Pups areas at the center.


We so grateful to FATS for these amazing feeding trollies, now each pup has it’s own feeding station and everyone is so much happier.


Lee’s SupaScapes, Stonehouse & The Garden Shop

A huge thank you to Lee’s SupaScapes, Stonehouse & The Garden Shop – you are amazing!

Thank you so much for the generous sponsor of 6 trees.

They will be a game changer in providing shade for the rescue dogs.


MC Awnings

How amazing is this beautiful shade cloth donation, it’s provided much needed shade and everyday the dogs lie underneath and snooze. Thank you so much MC AWNINGS.

Second Hand Goods

How you can help us by donating items we can see to raise funds.

STORIES….Adopted on the same weekend

Our longest resident at the adoption center, Panda, has been adopted. Panda was adopted by Duby and Dave and has moved to an amazing home.

Panda was one of the most incredible dogs we’ve ever had, and it broke our hearts to see her grow up in the shelter. Now she has an awesome family, a huge garden and even a couch to cuddle up on. And we Couldn’t be any happier!

And as if that wasn’t exciting enough…. Pixel… our Second longest resident at the shelter was ALSO homed the same weekend.

Pixel was adopted by Isabel and her fiancé who adopted Hope last week.

Two very special happy endings!

Thank you to every single one of you for the shares on our Face Book Page and thank you to the amazing people who adopt!

Lily My Lovely Memorial Trail

We have a beautiful Memorial Trail, always being visited by our dog walkers, and our team often walk on the trails, if you a loved one and want to lay them to rest with us, please get in touch have.


April Newsletter 2023

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