Pawsabilities terms and conditions

Competition Rules

1. Membership of the Endless Pawsabilities Club is limited to 2 000 membership tickets.

2. The draw runs for 12 months from 1 April 2022 to 1 April 2023, with monthly cash prizes.

3. Each draw ticket costs R50 per month, and multiple tickets can be purchased.

4. Membership will be given upon receipt of a confirmed online registration or upfront payment of the annual membership fee.

5. Only paid-for entries received on or before the last day of the month, will be eligible for entry into that month’s draw.

6. The Endless Pawsabilities Club is only open to South Africans or those who have a South African bank account. No Paw Prints Directors or immediate families can benefit from the Club.

7. The competition will continue, month on month, year on year, for as long as it serves as a worthwhile fundraising initiative for Paw Prints. Should Paw Prints not receive sufficient applications for Membership, the Organisation has the right not to proceed with the Endless Pawsabilities Club. In this case, the pro-rata Membership Fee will be refunded to the donor, or the donor can elect to donate the Membership Fee to Paw Prints.

8. Paw Prints reserves the right to liquidate the Endless Pawsabilities Club without notice. Should this occur, members will be refunded.

9. Monthly draws will be held at Paw Prints premises, 4 Clement Stott Road Botha’s Hill and will be conducted using during the first week of the following month.

10. Winners will be notified either by email or telephonically and the draw results will be announced via Facebook

11. Paw Prints decision regarding the monthly winners is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

12. All prizes will be paid out electronically.

13. Any prizes unclaimed/unable to be transferred to the winner’s bank account by the time of the following draw will be utilized by Paw Prints in the furtherance of its objectives.

14. Monthly prize values when fully subscribed (2 000 membership tickets), are as follows:

  • Prize A – R10,000
  • Prize B – R3,000
  • Prize C – R1,000 (x2 prizes)

Total monthly pay-out value = R15 000

15. Monthly prize values if not fully subscribed (<2000 membership tickets) are calculated as follows: The full prize amount is divided by 2000 and Multiplied by the number of monthly participants.