December 2023 News Letter

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Creature Care Microchipping

General message to all those who have recently adopted one of our gorgeous babies.
Please also note that if you have adopted from Paw Prints to check that your pup’s microchip is registered to you.
If you are not sure how to go about this or have not registered and need assistance…please WhatsApp Doreen Mendelson and she can assist you.

Special Needs

How gorgeous are these two special needs pups. Topaz and Nova bring us so much joy.
Topaz at only 11 weeks is having seizures every third day, we have her on meds which are working, she’s not a had a seizure in 3 weeks. She is a beautiful little girl.
Nova is completely deaf. The sweetest little puppy.
Both have found amazing homes with families who have experience with their special needs and who live local.

At Robinhood nobody gets forgotten not even our farm, feathered and furry friends.  Your kindness and friendship and passion touch so many hearts.

Thank you for all you do for us.

DQ – Dog Quarterly

Check out page 60 to 65… we are delighted that Paw Prints Rescue and Rehoming is featured in this amazing magazine AND we even have a little video… which was super fun to make.
Thank you so much Amy White Media for being so awesome and for being a big supporter of our rescue and what we do.


He was found with a broken leg and his owner never took him for medical treatment.
When we took him in he was already only using 3 legs and coping just fine, so our vet advised us to remove the leg as he’s obviously adjusted very well.
He must have been in such pain.
Hudson is THE most loving and adorable dog, he’s only around 10 months old, and has so much love to give. He gets so happy when visitors pop in to see him and can’t get enough cuddles.
We’d LOVE to find this boy a home, so if you have a soft spot for those babies with “special needs”, then please open your heart and home up to this boy.
Hudson will be the most perfect family dog, he’s extremely loving.


Nomads Golf Club of South Africa

A massive very grateful thank you to Nomads Golf Club of South Africa
Thank you so much for this wonderful donation.
We cannot do this without the support and kindness from the public.
From cleaning, to parasite control and building / and much needed maintenance materials.
We are blown away and hope someday we can thank you in person and show you around our rescue centre and you can meet the babies in our care.

Santa came to Paw Prints

Thank you so much to Jess and Shaun for an amazing morning with Santa and Merry Christmas. Such a happy day for kiddies and our pups.
Chloe took the most amazing photos for us, we couldn’t even load them all, there were so many gorgeous ones to choose from. Photos By Clo
Such a GREAT day.

Malvern Primary Children

Thank you for having us visit. We so grateful for the donations – thank you students and parents. What a lovely happy school!
We had so much fun. This was our last school visit for 2023. And they really spoilt us with so many donations, thanks so very much.
Please come visit us us soon, we would love to show you around and you can meet all our babies.


We will call her Hope.
She was found being dragged through Umbilo on her way to her certain death.
The sweet young mum was unwanted and thank goodness her guardian Angel saw her struggling to protect her babies and stopped and removed her and her beautiful little ones.
She’s a quiet and gentle little girl and such a good mummy.
We so glad we could help this little family.


Meet Thomas.
While at the vet dropping off doggies for Sterilising, we saw and fell in love with this little guy, who we’ve named Thomas.
He had distemper as a puppy so still has a slight tremble, and head nod and he drools, alot. He also takes ages to eat his food was very undernourished and under weight. We reached out to Salome to ask her if we could look after him while on his road to recovery. He has since recovered, stolen many hearts and is in a home with a good friend of ours.  We laugh at her stories. He steals everything, and is obsessed with the toilet paper roll, he plays all day long with his “stolen” items, from shoes to tupperware to bath mats, and he is just the happiest sweetest dog.

Section 18A Tax Certificates

As a registered NPC and PBO, Paw Prints Rescue and Rehoming is able to provide you with a Section 18A certificate! How amazing is that?

Section 18A certificates are important for nonprofits because they provide evidence that the organization is eligible for certain tax deductions and benefits. In South Africa, section 18A of the Income Tax Act allows individuals and companies to claim tax deductions for donations made to certain nonprofit organizations. In order to claim these deductions, donors must have a section 18A certificate from the nonprofit organization. This certificate serves as proof that the organization is eligible to receive tax-deductible donations and provides donors with the information they need to claim the deductions on their tax returns. By obtaining a section 18A certificate, nonprofits can make it easier for donors to support their work, and can potentially attract more donations and support for their programs and activities.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity and your support.

Thank you for all your support 2023

December 2023 News Letter

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