After fifteen and half years at Mr Price, Jade Ashford (the owner and founder), has taken the plunge and has resigned from her job. From April she will be at the centre with the team and 100% invested in making the rescue centre a 5-star Ultimutt Doggie Destination. Thank YOU for believing in her, and the adoption centre. 2023 holds many exciting things and we want nothing more than for all of you to be a part our growth.

SARS granted our PBO status in January 2023, this enables us to issue Section 18A Certificates. We are super thrilled about this development and are excited for the future prospects and possibilities.

What an exciting month February has been! Phase 2 of our projects commenced mid-January and we expect the projects to be completed by the end of March. These projects included two (2) new areas for Moms & Pups, construction, and renovation of eleven (11) of the Adult Cabins, renovation to The Mutt Motel, a Playpark, three (3) Puppy Chill Areas, a Storage Cabin and a Ladies Changeroom.


Due to ongoing renovations and construction, it was decided to keep the trail closed until the projects are completed.

The concept of the trail is for it to be an enchanted experience with various items displayed on the path and for it to be a memorial walk with people displaying memorial plaques of their loved ones. This initiative has taken off well, we look forward to it been filled with many people’s memorials of dogs or humans.

Money is not the only commodity that is fun to give. We can give time. We can give expertise; we can give our love or simply give a smile. What does that cost? The point is none of us can run out of something worthwhile to give – Steve Goodier

We are always grateful to the volunteers that come in and assist us, during their own time, with the dogs or projects at the organization. MCG SA joined us this month and assisted in putting a glaze coat over the Murals done by Che’ Harris (on the storage container and puppy area fence) and used their creative skills to display items donated for the trail in and about the walking path. A BIG shout out to them.

During February, EMCOM donated 6 x two radios for use by our Team on the premises. This has been a game changer for us as everyone is now available at the touch of a button. These have certainly streamlined operations. Thank you Emcom.

Northside Electrical Lighting Security Wholesalers donated 7x Solar Lights to the centre. Thank you, Seelan and Veeran, for doing the handover. We are so grateful, they are going to not only provide much needed lighting in the various sections but provide additional security.

This month Valentine’s Day was celebrated with an “All you need is Love” initiative to let us find your pawfect match. Love was definitely in the air, we had seven (7) adults find loving furever homes.

This delightful little girl arrived at the rescue this week, she definitely thought she had NINE lives. She was hanging out in the garden one night and the next day popped her head out the bushes and came and said hello.

She is the most friendly, gorgeous little thing who clearly belonged to someone however after numerous messages on our local groups it seems she is homeless and lost. We got her kitty food, and litter and she made herself quite at home in the rescue shop until we found a loving home for her.

Our Team started, in person and online training in February and the difference has been noticed. This is one of our Senior Carers after a training session and NO the dogs jumping up on him is not part of it but he couldn’t resist giving them loves after their hard work. We are so excited to see the transformation in our Team and the fur babes at our centre.

We are officially a beneficiary of My School My Village My Planet – ALL it takes is one powerful swipe to help make a difference for us, when shopping at their retail outlets. Giving back is easy, it won’t cost you a cent – 1. JOIN be a part of the difference 2. Select Paw Prints Rescue and Rehoming 3. Shop and swipe and we get b.ack a percentage of your spend.


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