January 2024 News Letter

Section 18A Tax Certificates

As a registered NPC and PBO, Paw Prints Rescue and Rehoming is able to provide you with a Section 18A certificate! How amazing is that?

Section 18A certificates are important for non-profits because they provide evidence that the organization is eligible for certain tax deductions and benefits. In South Africa, section 18A of the Income Tax Act allows individuals and companies to claim tax deductions for donations made to certain non-profit organizations. In order to claim these deductions, donors must have a section 18A certificate from the non-profit organization. This certificate serves as proof that the organization is eligible to receive tax-deductible donations and provides donors with the information they need to claim the deductions on their tax returns. By obtaining a section 18A certificate, non-profits can make it easier for donors to support their work, and can potentially attract more donations and support for their programs and activities.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity and your support.

Box With Puppies On The Road

A kind lady on her way to TMC (Thomas More college) saw two puppies running in the road in an industrial area. She stopped her car and found a box on the side of the road.
Sadly 5 babies had been hit and killed by passing cars but she saved these two little ones. She was so traumatised – for an animal lover to experience such pain, and heart ache.
We feel terrible for her, and promised we we would find these two brother and sister a family to love.
They are happy healthy beautiful little babies. And ready for a home.

Water Play

Long And Short Term Boarding

Lexi a gorgeous white Shepard arrived on the 28th of May 2023

She is going to live with her human parents in the NZ. It’s a long process, but we send mom and dad photo’s and videos all the time, and make sure they know Lexi is doing well. We know she misses her family, so we do video calls. Lexi will soon join them in the next few months. We have made sure all her documents are in order and we have been taking her to the vet for all her updates/injections (Lepto) etc. In the meantime, she is being loved like she is one of our own babies. Very special girl, we get very attached to all our dogs, boarders included.

Naala and Lacey are in the UK

A happy story with a very happy ending.
Our long term boarders, Naala and Lacey have joined their mum Janette in Scotland, after being with us for 10 months.


Ticks and Fleas

A friend who recently adopted from us was getting into her car and she was given these two puppies by the owner. Unwanted and in terrible condition, full of ticks and fleas. Straight to the vet.
Little brown one is a girl, her name is Rose and the little white / black boy is Axel.
Roughly 3 months old, sweetest little babies.

Please Like Our Facebook Page

Through social media, people can spread the love.

There is no easier way to reach the masses of strangers than to use social media. It is a network of unlimited potential that can be used for so many good reasons. One “like” or “share” can reach hundreds, if not thousands, of people and it also creates a bond between people over common interests.


Thank you

Happy Adoptions

Ahhhhhhh – what a lovely message! Isn’t RUKA (Topaz) beautiful? She’s only had one seizure since she was adopted.
We so happy. A little update for you all who followed her special story. Thank you Chiara and Devon.

Adopted by Natalie and Family

“Hello Jade and everyone there. We just wanted to share an update on our gorgeous Tofu, who we adopted from you in May last year. We celebrated his first birthday last month. He is so so loved. A wonderful and well behaved boy, with a huge amount of personality. He’s such a funny thing and likes to “talk”  He is amazing with the kids, infact he likes to play with them and even jump in the trampoline.
He is spoilt rotten, sleeps wherever he wants and has an absolute life of leisure!
“We just wanted to fill you in on his life and thank you for adding such joy to ours”

Valentine’s Day falls on February 14

We have THE most gorgeous doggies that would LOVE to be adopted and LOVED by you forever! Please pop in and come meet your potential SoulMutt!

January 2024 News Letter

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