June 2023 News Letter

Comrades Marathon 2023

We would just like to thank the following amazing humans who ran the Comrades Marathon 2023 for us.
Paw Prints are so extremely grateful to you for raising funds on our behalf.
To Shane, Kayla Hinchliffe and Gina Hinchliffe, and to Mike Datson.

We are honored you chose Paw Prints.

Pyjama Pawty 2023

Our first Pyjama Pawty.
On Saturday 24th of June to 25th June we had our family and friends spend almost 24 hours with a selected rescue doggie or pup at the PPRR adoption center. The purpose of the Pyjama Pawty was for our guests to raise much needed funds, to help PPRR.  We had an exciting program planned, which included feeding their fur friends, a sunset trail walk, and many hours of cuddles and of course dinner and social time. It was a huge success and we so grateful to everyone who supported us. Our rescue dogs and pups were beyond excited and we all had fun and of course made new lasting friendships between us. We had 27 people in total. What an amazing evening. Thank you to the Muragans for looking after us with their delicious dinner and to Spar for the donations of rusks and coffee and to everyone who helped us make this event so special.
Exciting news…
We have a number of projects that have been completed or are currently on the go to the value of approx. R600 000.
We have had an amazing anonymous doner match funds we raise specific to these projects, and we truly thankful to you for your kindness.
This is an absolutely AMAZING opportunity for the adoption center and hopefully we will be able to write this debt off soon.

Parka Jackets

The Parka needs no introduction, probably the best jacket ever made to last.
A massive thank you to https://parkas.co.za/ for their amazing and very kind donation of 8 German Parka Jackets for our staff.
Our staff are so grateful and of course, they LOVE their new Jackets.
Botha’s Hill can get very chilly, and these beautiful warm jackets have been such a blessing especially in the cold mornings and late evenings.
Thank you Bernard for making this possible.

Leo and Ben

We took in these two sweet boys from the same rescue organization and both have been severely neglected and needed a lot of care and love.

Leo came to us on the 14th June, he’d been found on the streets of Durban a few days earlier tied to a pole with a piece of wire. Leo was rushed in to the vet where he had a blood transfusion. Then came to us to heal and recover and find a forever home. First photo is of Leo on the 14th June  and the other photo’s of Leo were taken Friday 7th July on a walk with one of our volunteers. He has a very special place in our hearts and we all love him. In just a few weeks he has blossomed into the most gorgeous boy, and no doubt in another 3 weeks will be even MORE handsome.


Ben arrived at the adoption center on the 6th June, he’d been found roaming the streets and was extremely undernourished and has huge patches of fur missing all over his body.
Ben had a massive tumor hanging from his tummy so we had it removed and he’s so much happier now and never stops wagging his tail. Michele and her family saw him and knew he was the one. Ben has been adopted.  We are so happy.

Dog Play Park

We have so many visions and dreams, they take time and money…
but one of our dreams unfolding is our Play Park, and thank you to our generous donors, it’s happened.
It means our kennel dogs can run and play and it means our boarders at our #MuttMotel will also be able to run and play and just HAVE FUN!
That’s so important to us, a safe and happy place for the dogs. Where they can just…well….be dogs.

Staff Training

Building confidence in a dog is extremely important, and as a rescue organization we know that.
We want the best for our dogs and our staff and we believe in developing and growing our team with knowledge that will help them here at PPRR.
Our staff have been working with Mandy and learning about developmental phases, force free training and husbandry skills.
to Ethan, Wisdom and Londy, we so proud of you.
Thank you so much Mandy DG Barrett
The Dog Guru Behaviorist & Trainer


Paw Prints Rescue and Rehoming would like to extend their utmost gratitude to IDEXX S.A. for their sponsor of  Parvo Test Kits for early detection of this horrible and often fatal disease.
With many of our dogs coming off the streets in horrific conditions and not having had their vaccinations, there are times we deal with diseases and of course, these tests kits are like gold to an organization like us.
Your kind and very generous sponsor of these test kits will assist u in keeping our vet bills down. Thank you to our vet who has kindly offered to administer.
Thank you so much IDEXX for caring for us and our furry friends.



June 2023 News Letter

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