March 2023 Newsletter

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Mother’s Day came early for PPRR

The centre saw an influx of new borns this past month with one of our mommy dogs, Gina, giving birth to 14 gorgeous little babies on the 3rd March. Sadly 2 of the pups only made it to 4 days, after passing away from “Fading puppy Syndrome”.  Gina didn’t have much milk, so two of our volunteers spent every day doing a few extra bottle feeds to make sure the remaining 12 pups grew up to be healthy babies. We are happy to say that most of the litter has been homed with only 5 babies still waiting to be adopted. On an even happier note, Mommy Gina was homed this last weekend to a wonderful family who absolutely adore her.

Another one of our moms, Rachel, popped out 9 babies on the 2nd April. She really caught us off guard as we only expected the babies mid month. The pups are absolutely gorgeous and we can’t wait to see their little personalities blossom when they get to 6 weeks.

Truffles, our 3rd mom dog, came to the centre two weeks ago with her 9 pups who were 2 weeks old. She arrived at the Newlands Rehab centre heavily pregnant so they took her in and gave her a safe place to have her babies. Then they all came to the adoption centre where the pups are growing into the most beautiful babies.

There truly is no better therapy than sitting with a mommy dog while her pups are nursing. The little noises they make, their tiny pink paws; such little miracles and so rewarding to be a small part of their new journey.

The adoption centre has been blessed by all these little furry lives.


Broken, that’s the only word we can use to describe this sweet boy, found on the streets in Chatsworth. Frankie has been with us for a few weeks. He seemed to be doing so well, but then took a turn about 2 weeks ago and we discovered that he has some serious medical problems. Frankie’s Bone Marrow is not regenerating and he barely has any platelets. We haven’t given up on him yet as he has a very special place in our hearts. We are doing everything we possibly can to get this boy strong and healthy.


Absolute Pets invited us for an Adoption Day at Hillcrest Corner, a local shopping Mall and doubled whatever food was donated to us on the day. We received 6KG of food. We are always grateful for assistance and appreciate the awareness created.


The centre is really starting to take shape. We have completed the 10 new adult cabins with all cabins fitted with awnings to protect the fur babes in our inclement weather conditions. As can be seen there is still work to be done but we hoping this will be completed soon…

We are so grateful to Deon and Vishal from Emcom Professional Radio Communications for the donation of Walkie Talkies for the Paw Prints Rescue staff.

We have a large property and making contact with each other quickly can prove to be challenging, so these Walkie Talkies are a huge game changer for us and have helped us so much. Thank you so much for the amazing and generous donation!


We had the most amazing Saturday. The IOPSA KZN guys arrived with their family, co-workers and friends and installed a 5000L JoJo Tank and pump to assist us with all the cleaning we do at the centre. But that wasn’t all… the IOPSA team also treated all their staff and ours to a Braai AND brought along Dave Guselli who entertained us with the very best music all day.
The kids got busy bathing pups, and then spent the day giving them kisses and cuddles. We are so grateful to have been blessed by these incredible humans and their kindness and generosity.
It was such a fabulous day, and we are so honoured to have been selected as their charity this “World Plumbing Day”. Thank you so much to Garth and Bernadette Scott and the whole IOPSA Team.

HILLCREST PRIMARY SCHOOL There are simply no words…

How do we begin to thank Hillcrest Primary School for this unbelievable collection done by their students. 🥰
We were so blown away and are extremely grateful to Kim for arranging this and to each and every student, teacher and parent who made this donation possible.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ❣️ Our rescue babies have been spoilt beyond words.


A little mouse got into our food storage, so we had to scramble to make sure they don’t eat, and contaminate, everything. We sent a plea to Polyoak and they didn’t hesitate to help us with 22 x 20L sealed buckets for us to store the pups food in.

Thank you Polyoak Packaging for the amazing donation. These buckets are a huge help and will help us keep our pups safe from Rat pee which is extremely toxic to our babies.

March 2023 Newsletter

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