May News Letter 2024

Our Team

How do you look after over 100 dogs…
You can’t unless you have a loyal, dedicated and passionate team.
There is absolutely no way we could ever take on the cases we do, without these amazing humans. They are 100% dedicated to taking the best care of all our babies, and are here for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
A rescue organisation is only successful based on the love, care, compassion, knowledge and understanding of it’s team. And we are beyond grateful to have such an amazing one here at Paw Prints Rescue.
Reginah, Henry, Eithan, Wisdom, Londi, Ace, Sam, Simphiwe and Brian… we thank you for your commitment to our rescue babies.


We never posted that our sweet 3 legged baby Grace needed a home!
We didn’t have too.
She had one from the moment we put her video up, even before her leg was amputated.
Marinda has 9 tripods And well…she saw Grace and fell in love.
This sweet girl now lives on a farm near Krugersdorp, and she’s so happy and has the most amazing life and she adores her friends. She loves to play ball.
Thank you so much Marinda, you are amazing, thank you for all you do for our furry friends.
Grace, you have found your tribe, we so happy for you.

Comrades 2024

Gina Hinchcliffe and Kayla and Shane – what an amazing family.
Second year in a row they running for us..
64 Finishes between the 3 of them so far. WOW
Thank you from the “pawtom” of our hearts. 🐾❤️🐾❤️

Mandela Day

Not sure what to do this Mandela Day… ?
Please consider donating your time to our rescue fur babies.

Septic Tank Service Provider

We just wanted to give a big shout out to Septic Worx, thank you so much Septic Worx ❤️🐾🐾❤️
We always calling them to the property when our tanks are full, as you can imagine, our tanks fill up really quickly at the centre.
Flinty and his team have never hesitated to help and they really have gone above and beyond.
They love the doggies too.
We highly recommend them, its not often you’ll find someone who will go out their way to help.
Please support the amazing companies who support us
Please give Flinty a call. 073 187 0006.


We called her Faith. Came in from Inanda Dog Project.
Just a little update, Dr Naz from Pulse Veterinary Clinic in Assagay came to help. She called to check how this sweet girl was doing, and we were obviously very worried, so Dr Naz without hesitating said she would come and put her on a drip as she was so dehydrated.
Just to get her up and moving. And she did her toilet as soon as we got her into a sling, which was great. Baby steps for Faith.
We cannot do this without your help, we need funds so please, 💰 if you are able to donate, we can give you a section 18A certificate to help you.
Isn’t she just so incredibly special. We’re really hoping we can save her 🙏 she needs to fight, she really needs to find her will to live.
Inanda Dog Project
Banking details:
Account No. 63018788779
Branch No. 220526
Ref: Name/ Faith

Photograph Your Pets

Have you ever had a portrait done of your fur baby and had it printed on canvas? If not, this is a golden opportunity to do so while contributing to the rehabilitation and rehoming of other dogs coming into Paw Prints daily!
Photos by Clo teams up with us to photograph your pets’ personalities right here at the center. Choose between an outdoor doggie photoshoot or a studio setting photoshoot.
Receive a gallery of 10 photos and 1 canvas print for just R800.00. Collection at the center within 2 weeks. All proceeds go directly to Paw Prints’ vet bills.
Our first bookings will be available from the 1st of June 2024, so be sure to get in touch to book your spot! Limited slots are available every weekend.
Let’s work together to wipe out Paw Prints’ vet bills and capture the perfect pawtraits of your beloved pets!
+27 61 553 9848

Mothers Day 2024 Breakfast

What an amazing morning. We had so much fun, the weather was perfect, happy vibes. Happy days 🌞 lovely being outdoors ❤️
Kim, thank you so much for inviting us to join you and cuddling and spoiling our little babies. It really was an incredible and very special Mothers Day 2024 breakfast which we loved being a part of at Willow Way Manor
We are so grateful to everyone who helped us raise much needed funds and to every kind person who supported this wonderful event.
Thank you again for all you do to help.
Calypso Collections just some of your beautiful models with some of our gorgeous puppies.

Eithan Passed

We have some great news to share with you.
Many of you donated and helped us and we so grateful to you.
To everyone who supports us, thank you so very much.
You are amazing.
We are so proud of Eithan. YES he got his license. YAY we’re so happy for him, so proud!
It’s such a wonderful feeling helping our staff grow and achieve their dreams.


She’s such a lovely girl, old girl… she has few teeth, was full of ticks and fleas.
Spotted in Umhlanga and a week or two later spotted in Mt Edgecome, and Lynn finally managed to catch her and take her straight to the vet.
She is being treated for cancer (TVT) so isn’t ready for a home yet. She’s having weekly chemotherapy at Vet On Main, Kloof.
She’s getting loads of love and cuddles as she’s on her own, so we making sure she knows she’s loved.
Coon hound ♥️
Please keep eye on our page for updates.
Vet On Main
Nedbank South Africa
Current Acc
Account: 1261831306
Ref: Paw Prints
Account No. 63018788779
Branch No. 220526
Ref: Name
We will keep you updated, she still has another 6 to 8 treatments and the TVT seems to be shrinking. 🙏🙏

Red day 2024

“While I’ve been supporting various animal rescues through donations over the years, I’ve never taken the time to see firsthand how one can make a difference.
As part of our Keller Williams Realty RED DAY initiative, which emphasizes giving where you live and stands for Renew, Energize, and Donate, #RENEW #ENERGIZE #donate , we chose to support Paw Prints Rescue & Rehoming, located right here at 4 Clement Stott Road, Assagay/Bothas Hill, just a stone’s throw away from Heidi’s Farm Stall.
Words fail to express the depth of Jade and Vicky’s dedication to caring for over 60 puppies and countless adult dogs at Paw Prints Rescue & Rehoming.
Witnessing their commitment to being a pro-life shelter has been truly heartwarming. Today, I’ve come to realize that the need extends far beyond financial support for food and vet bills.
There’s an urgent need for hands-on help, whether it’s volunteering time to feed, bathe, or simply show love to these precious animals waiting for their forever homes.
I urge everyone to consider giving up some of their time to assist, whether it’s in their charity shop or simply spending time with the furry residents.
Today has been a day of profound impact and gratitude.
🥫 How can you help? Drop off any pet food donations at Security, Torino Court, 4 Crooked Lane, Central Hillcrest (Next to McDonald’s and Hirsch). Every can and bag makes a difference!”
Ronel Bricknell

Blankets Needed

Rabies Vaccine

We love dogs, but we absolutely LOVE our staff too.
Today we all had our rabies vaccine. 👏🏼👏🏼
As a rescue organisation it’s vital we keep ourselves and our amazing staff safe.
We deal with dogs every day and we just cannot take a chance.
9 staff members x R600 each, if anyone would like to please help us by donating, we would be so grateful. 🙏
Bank details
Account No. 63018788779
Branch No. 220526
Ref: Name/rabies

Thank you Geochem

A huge thank you to Geochem
for donating 4 x 25L drums of Bleach to us.
This donation is just amazing, as you can’t begin to imagine how many bottles we go through with cleaning inside & outside areas and especially our puppy rooms twice a day, every day.
We are SO VERY grateful.
Thank you so much Geochem for always helping us, love from all our rescue pups.


Ellie came in from another rescue, she’s still waiting for a family. We have no idea why, as she’s got such a beautiful nature, and anyone who adopts her will find their heart complete.
She is absolutely gorgeous, a gentle very happy girl.
Stray Paws South Africa please share.
She really needs a family. She’s young, about 2, amazing with people and other dogs, adores kids, just wants to snuggle up with them.
Please help us find this sweet girl a family,
We are open everyday 9 to 12 for adoptions (closed Monday)
4 Clement Road, Bothas Hill KZN

May News Letter 2024

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