Jul 4, 2024

Age: Adults 12 Months and Older
Gender: Female
Breed: Mixed breed
Personality: Good with other dogs
Size: Medium

Note: as most of our dogs are rescued from situations where we may not know the mother or father, size when grown is our best estimate. Unless the dog has already reached maturity.

Health Info: Vaccinated, Sterilised
Meet Jessie, a dog who’s been through hell and back, but still has the purest soul you’ll ever meet.
Abused and neglected in previous homes, Jessie’s past is marked by scars. But despite all she’s endured, she remains a testament to the resilience of the canine spirit.
With a heart full of love and a spirit that refuses to be broken, Jessie is a true survivor. Her story will break your heart, but her love and loyalty will mend it.
She’s a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there’s always hope for a second chance, and a forever home where love and kindness will reign supreme.
Jessie is a gentle soul with a heart of gold. She’s a shy dog who takes time to warm up, but once she feels comfortable, she’ll shower you with love and snuggles.
She’s loyal, intelligent, and loves to play with her favorite toys. Jessie is looking for a quiet and peaceful home where she can feel safe and loved.🦴✨❤️
Jessie loves relaxing in the sun, playing with her favorite toys, and snuggling up in her bed. Her favorite spot is curled up in her bed, surrounded by pillows, where she can feel safe and cozy.🐕
Jessie is 4 years old. She is a beautiful mixed breed.
She requires a gentle and nurturing environment, with gradual exposure to new experiences. Would suit an older family with older kids, not babies, and she is fine with other dogs, social friendly male doggy.
However, once she feels safe and secure with her owner, she transforms into a loyal and protective companion.
If you’re willing to provide the patience and love she needs to overcome her anxiety, Jessie will reward you with unwavering loyalty and protection.
She is sterilised and vaccinated.
Please let’s try find her a family.
Contact us on 060 685 0889 to adopt.