Mar 14, 2024

Age: Adults 12 Months and Older
Gender: Male, Female
Breed: Mix Breed
Personality: Good with children, Good with other dogs
Size: Medium

Note: as most of our dogs are rescued from situations where we may not know the mother or father, size when grown is our best estimate. Unless the dog has already reached maturity.

Health Info: Vaccinated, Microchipped, Sterilised
Marley is the sweetest young boy, around 1 year old.
All dogs have needs, they love to play, they love to be part of the family, they love interaction and having fun, sometimes we need to learn to speak dog, and not expect our dogs to speak human.
This beautiful boy is so confused; and it makes us so sad to see him looking around waiting at the gate for his family to return, he still expects them to come back.
He never gave up on them, they gave up on him.
Please give him a chance.
Adores other dogs. Just wants to play.
He will bring a smile to your face, unconditional love.