Max & Milo

Jul 4, 2024

Age: Adults 12 Months and Older
Gender: Male
Breed: Africanis; Sherpherd cross
Personality: Good with children, Good with other dogs
Size: Medium

Note: as most of our dogs are rescued from situations where we may not know the mother or father, size when grown is our best estimate. Unless the dog has already reached maturity.

Health Info: Vaccinated, Sterilised

Meet Max and Milo

Two beautiful dogs need a home.
Max and Milo are both very loving, caring and happy boys.
Max smiles at you everyday when you get home from work and nudges you with his nose until he gets his rubs behind his ear or on his tummy.
Milo is just a four legged teddy bear. He loves giving sloppy kisses especially after drinking water and he loves being chased in the garden. Loves to play catch.
Milo loves water.
Both Max and Milo love to wrestle one another all day long followed by kisses to say sorry which only lasts about 60 seconds and then they back at it, they absolutely adore each other.
They love good mornings and good night rubs and cuddles. They both love the car and going for walks. Both easy going sweet dogs.
• Max: he is a really beautiful boy, and loves showing a scrunchy smile when you get home. He is just a lovable dog who loves a good belly rub and cuddle.
• Milo: An all round teddy bear, he loves giving Bear hugs and kisses. He is always silly and in the mood to play. He loves grabbing toys and getting his brother or friends to chase him around to catch the toy.
• Max: 4 years old, africanis
• Milo: 2 years old, Shepard X (according to the book but vet has said he may be a Shepard cross rottie)
Both are good with other dogs, never met a cat, so no cats, both great with people.
Must be homed together. They both the perfect dogs for a family, easy going and house trained etc.
Both boys vaccinations are up to date and where done in April 2024. Both are sterilised
Please contact us to adopt.