Mar 14, 2024

Age: Adults 12 Months and Older
Gender: Male
Breed: Retriever X Chow
Personality: Good with children, Good with other dogs
Size: Large

Note: as most of our dogs are rescued from situations where we may not know the mother or father, size when grown is our best estimate. Unless the dog has already reached maturity.

Health Info: Vaccinated, Microchipped, Sterilised

Rex is the most handsome, senior boy, at the centre. He’s around 8 years old and really doesn’t ask for much other than a loving retirement home where he can lay in the sun and watch the clouds go by. He is a Retriever X Chow, He loves going for walks and outings, especially if it’s out for breakfast to a dog friendly cafe.

If you are looking for a best friend to keep you company during the day, then Rex is the perfect doggo for you.