September 2023 News Letter

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Through Social Media, People can spread the Love. There is no easier way to reach the masses of strangers than to use Social Media. It is a network of unlimited potential that can be used for so many good reasons. #pawprintsrescue #puppy #rescuecentre #adoptdontshop #adoptarescue #puppylove

Kearsney College Cross Country Team

On the 11th of September we went to visit this amazing school with a bunch of puppies,  we chatted to the students in assembly, and since then we have had so many Students choose us for their community Service. And we had the cross-country team come visit. We love having schools because we know we all going to have fun! And we did. Thank you so much Mr Edwards and the cross-country students for spending the morning with us, not only did they walk / run ALL our teens (15) they also took our adults out onto the trail. We are so grateful to you. See you again soon!

High Tea

Our High Tea held at The Pot and Kettle in beautiful Botha’s Hill was absolutely amazing. The weather was perfect. Our guests looked fabulous in their floral outfits and hats. The food and venue were amazing, and the service and attention couldn’t be faulted. Everyone had the most wonderful afternoon, and we can’t wait to have you all back at our next function. Thank you so much to Nicole and Karen for putting this event together on behalf of Paw Prints Rescue and Rehoming – NPC 2018/554039/08 PBO 930076636. We are so thankful to have such wonderful people helping and supporting us. A huge thank you to all our sponsors who made our day so perfect!

My School Card Holders

MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet allows for easy, convenient, and free giving to a cause that is close to your heart.  Please consider us and please add us, you can up to 3 beneficiaries, and we really need your support.

Build It in Botha’s Hill

A massive thank you to Build It in Botha’s Hill – Brett and James, thank you for your help and your kindness.
We so grateful for the gumboots, our staff finally don’t have to worry about water getting in and wet socks etc and the boots are so comfortable.

Leo is STILL Waiting For a Family


When Leo came to us on the 13th of June everyone fell in love with him. Three months later you wouldn’t recognize him… and can you believe, not one person has enquired about him. He had been found terrified and sick on the streets of Durban a few days earlier tied to a pole with a piece of wire (
He is about 9 / 10 years old. He would prefer a quiet life with an older social happy female doggy. He adores people and would make such a great dog for a family who want a quiet, none demanding dog to share their home with. He’s obviously had a hard life, he has few teeth and is just a sweet gentle boy who craves love. Please help us find a home for him by sharing his story on our Facebook Page. (

Cuddles is Waiting For a Family


Cuddles arrived at the shelter along with her 5 week old pups. They have all been homed and now it’s her turn.
Her owner said she (Cuddles) was 18 years old, which I’m guessing is not right, however this poor girl is probably the oldest mommy we have ever seen and so sad that she is STILL having puppies at her age. Her teats are worn from multiple litters over her years and she is grey in the face and so tired, it’s her turn to be someone’s baby now.  She is such a sweet girl and she has such a beautiful nature too. Cuddles looks like she will be a gorgeous Labby / black retriever cross.
If you think you can offer her a retirement home, we’d love to hear from you.

Mutt Motel

Where your dogs are our family!

Holidays are around the corner, if you are going away and need a place for your fur babies to stay, we still have some space but are filling up fast.
Check out poster for details.


Loads of volunteers popping in. We have so many schools who refer their students to us, including St Mary’s DSG Kloof, Kearnsey College, Curro Hillcrest, Waterfall College and even Michael House just to name a few. We love our volunteers and they really do play such a huge role here at the shelter. Even if you don’t need community service hours and just want to come and help us, we would love to have you.If you are interested, please go our webpage and under the volunteer tab you will find all the info.

What Is It?

People often ask, what breed is it? We don’t know, it’s an Africanis mix, a mutt, various breeds all jumbled up, all bits and pieces, and this is what makes them so special.
We sometimes know who mum is but dad… could be anything.
All dogs were bred for a purpose, over the years those genetics and traits and characteristics still exists.
What is an Africanis/ Africanis mix? Well… they one of the BEST!
This breed was bred to be a social, happy, undemanding and a healthy dog, they roamed in their communities and they sat alongside their owners fires at night, not so much for protection (because of the freedom, they not generally aggressive dogs) but more for company and for alerting them to any possible danger, they followed their owners for miles (they can put your step/ distance watch to shame) and they can run like the wind. They lived among cattle/goats and chickens, and they were (still are) incredibly social with other dogs, they called the streets their home, they were street wise and savvy, they tough and had to be resourceful. They are smart, observant and alert. They are truly one of the most loyal of dogs. They usually brown, just brown dogs, they blend… they usually all medium (knee height) grass / bush height. Usually used for hunting, company and protection and just for their loyalty and friendly manners.
What does it matter what breed they are, they not a “breed” – a dog without papers & no linage is a mixed breed.
They boring brown dogs, the mixed breed dogs, the dogs who sit waiting to be adopted, so please come meet them.

September 2023 News Letter

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